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Top coat - Base coat - Nail treatments - Cuticle oil
Rated 4.92/5 based on 13 customer reviews

(13 reviews)

Base gels and Top gels (Gel Top Coat) please see here! In this category you can find all the essential products and materials, your nail plate needs.

Cuticle Oil - Nourishes the nails in the growing zone, softens the skin. In case of artificial nails, it helps to neutralize the negative effects of chemicals.


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Hologram Top Coat

A transparent, high shine top coat what makes the nails spectacular...


Weekly Top Coat

7 days long shine over Crystal Nails nail polishes.


Cuticle Oil - Fragrance

Nourishes the nails in the growing zone, softens the skin.


Tea Tree Cuticle Oil

Skin softener, nourishing, revitalizing oil.



Sara Steinbrink Verified Buyer
on Oct 30, 2018

Super great product, drying time is accurate. You can even apply on top of nails to create a barrier for stamping designs then peel it off.

Sara Steinbrink
on Oct 30, 2018

Best smelling thick consistency cuticle oil your clients will LOVE

Must have 4 polish
Mary Anne
on Oct 6, 2015

Kerya! No, it doesn't need UV. It's clear nail polish, usefull product under the color nail polish + over it for the extra shine ;)

Kylinn Ed.
on Jun 1, 2015

I love mixing them in an empty bottle, I create my own scent <3

For everyone
Wendy Cash
on Feb 20, 2015

I use it on my daughters natural nails when the cuticle seem dry and I use it in the salon after every treatment. Clients love to choose a scent!

Five Stars
on Feb 6, 2015

This holographic top coat is really stunning, it adds a little bit of sparkle to the mani without being in your face. Its stunning in the sunlight, I particularly love it over dark colors. I also awn the gold one which is just as stunning

I love it, it does exactly what the product says
on Jan 18, 2015

This truly works! I will be a returning customer for sure.

Highly Recommend!
Althea G. Theriot
on Jan 13, 2015

I tried this product for the first time 10 days ago and my polish still looks fine! Amazing. I am very happy with the results.

This stuff really works!
on Jan 13, 2015

After years of wearing nail polish on my toes my nails became very yellow and damaged. After using this for 3 weeks they are almost back to normal!

Worth the buy!
on Jan 8, 2015

Love this! Love that this is a two in one base and top coat. It glides on well and wears well.