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LEDExpress LED lamp

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    LED Lamp - Crystal Black

    Exclusive exterior, strong (4x9W) LED bulb, with air ventilation and time switch, mirrors inside. With the digit display buttons, it's easy to work with. There is enough room for feet too! Special plastic socket for LED or UV bulbs - for the more secure working conditions. With reinforced cable socket.

    LEDExpress LED lamp

    Easy-to-use, compact, snow-white, high-performance UV / LED lamp that bridges both UV and LED light-binding materials (works with a double light range). Its power is 36W, which is ensured by 18 optimally placed, high-power UV / LED burners.

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    4 out of 5

    J9: Perfect! (May 18, 2020 5:22AM)

    Easy to use and works great! It has a motion detector and times 30 & 60 seconds. Yes to this !!!!

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    Gabriela - 12 months ago

    I was wondering if the LED express LED lamp works for the three step nail polishes ?

    CN - answered 12 months ago

    Yes, it does. 

    Leslie Jacobs - 2 years ago

    Does this lamp operate on batteries, or do you plug it in to an outlet, or does it do both?

    CN - answered 2 years ago

    It doesn't operate on batteries, you have to plug it into an outlet.

    Nancy - 3 years ago

    Is there a sensor/timer on this unit?

    cn - answered 3 years ago

    Hello, there is no timer on this unit.

    Anett - 3 years ago

    Hi,this lamp come with uv light and I have to buy extra led light or how is it work?Thank you

    CN - answered 3 years ago

    The LEDExtreme UV/LED lamp has 24pcs built-in dual wave-length emitting UVLED bulbs, so it also emits UV light with LED technology. It cures all the standard and the light-wave sensitive nail material as well. You don’t have to buy anything extra for this lamp so you can work with it.

    Jessy - 3 years ago

    Can I use this lamp for UV gel and soak off gel polish too?

    CN - answered 3 years ago

    Yes, you can.