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Report: Crystal Nails – BOOT CAMP 2014

Days of super intense learning, practice & fun!

When we started to organize the Camp, we decided to give an exclusive knowledge to our students, what they cannot get anywhere else. We wanted to show the real essence of European trends & techniques at the highest level combined with a lifelong passion to our profession. So we invited two super talented International Master & Champion Educators from Europe: Gabo Kovacs & Alexandra Mehesz.

Gabo is a 6 times US, International & World Champion; Alexa is a NailPRO Premiere Orlando and Nailympics London Champion, quite impressive isn’t it? :)
The Camp started with the 3-days long Nail technician Program (2 days of gel & acrylic sculpting; 1 day of nail art). The participants could learn the perfect execution of different shapes: square, classic almond, gothic almond, pipe, stiletto and the own creation of Gabo Kovacs, the Marilyn shape, what is one the most popular shapes in Europe. The days were super intense, from 9 AM until 9 PM, but we dare to say, everybody enjoyed their time and felt the incredible progression at the end of the 3rd day.
Then came the Educator Program for those talented nail techs, who wanted to learn the way how to teach students, organize classes and get a deeper knowledge of the Crystal Nails products and innovations. To keep the “fun level” high, we took the girls to the beach, where the theoretical exam had to be done.
Guin Deadman-Littlefield achieved the highest score at the end of the Educator training, so she has the opportunity to travel to the UK to attend the next International Educator Training! Nice job Guin!
After the last day we are happy to welcome many fresh and outstanding educators to the Crystal Nails Team, who will start to organize classes in their states soon. Congratulations!!!
Thank you for the participation, work and enthusiasm for those fantastic ladies, who attended the BOOT Camp!




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